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Tinted Glass

Glass can either be tinted during the manufacturing process itself, or can be tinted later on with a film. In Australia manufactured tinted glass comes in green or grey colours and each of these have

Applying a film or coating is placed over any forms of float glass to make tinted class is an excellent option for existing windows and cost effective.

Tinted glass is used for various purposes. It can be used to reduce the amount of light coming in. It can also be used to decrease the amount of heat coming into a building or car. This glass has multiple applications and can be used for glass roofing, glass facades, automobile windows and windshields as well as anywhere that heat protection and privacy is needed.

The advantages of tinted glass: Heat insulation:

Tinted glass reflects off a lot of heat, making the building cooler in warm weather. It can also be used to conserve indoor warmth when it is cold outside. It offers as much as 30% improvement in energy efficiency. In order to have it reflect off the heat of the sun, the film must be applied on the outer side of a glazed window. In order to keep the interiors warm, to prevent the heat from escaping outside, the tinted film must be applied on the inside of a glazed window. It is therefore popularly used by architects and builders in the construction of green buildings. Most swanky buildings like malls, apartment buildings and IT parks have tinted glass facades for lowering energy costs.

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Some films especially those that are very dark, metallic or silvered impede visibility for those on a high light side and provide complete visibility from the low light side. This way tinted glass helps to achieve privacy. This is another reason that this glass is popular with apartment buildings and offices.


Tinted glass enhances the aesthetics of any place where it is installed. For instance, bluish-silver tinted. Glass facades, glimmering in the sun along with steel fittings gives an office an instant facelift. It adds a degree of sophistication to any building or even car. Imagine how sleek a black Lamborghini looks with black tinted windows!

Protection from UV rays:

Tinted glass not only protects you from the heat but also from the accompanying harmful UV rays of the sun. UV rays can cause much skin damage. They can also fade furnishings and furniture. By using tinted glass, you can protect yourself and the interiors from long lasting harm.

Australia has, in most parts, a hot warm climate and having tinted windows is a good idea. Ask any of our team about your tinted glass options, and they will be happy to install it for you.

Cairns Local Glass - Who We Are
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We offer professional Glazier services that include emergency glass repair, security screens, window and door repairs, shower screens, kitchen splashbacks and commercial shop front glass. This enables us to do the job to the highest standard, fast.

Based in Cairns, we are your glass, glazing and aluminium specialists with over 30 years experience in glass and glazing services for domestic, commercial and industrial applications.

Valued client, this means when you use Cairns Local Glass you get a professional job, on time, at a value for money price, guaranteed!

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We are your Cairns glass specialists with experience in the local industry stretching back as far as 1975. We are the recognised professionals in all types of glass products including the niche services offered by out emergency glass repairs Cairns division. We also work with other specialised associated sideline services such as the design, manufacture and installation of security screens Cairns. When it comes to the bathroom we can help with custom made quality mirrors and fully customiseable shower screens Cairns. In your home kitchen we have had some great results with the design and installation of high quality splashbacks Cairns which will make any boring kitchen a centrepiece of a home.

Australian Standards Compliance
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The AS 1288 – 2006 Glass in Buildings – Australian Standard determines the minimum requirements for glass to be used in buildings throughout Australia. Our glaziers work to these standards when working with glass in commercial buildings.

Using these standards in installation helps building owners meet their legal obligations by providing a comprehensive survey service which inspects and documents every glazing element in the premises and enables any necessary upgrade work to be completed. This also allows future reactive glass repairs and replacement work to be completed quicker with minimal disruption.

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