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Emergency glass repairs in Cairns

No matter what happened, safety is important. Whether the cause was a stray cricket ball or a ladder that slipped into the glass window, it’s important to know in advance how to safely handle broken window glass.

The experts Cairns Local Glass offer these tips for handling broken window glass to safeguard you until our emergency glass repairs can be carried out:

Safety Tip 1

Stay CALM, Secure the area. Make certain children and pets are kept outside the area where the broken glass is located before beginning a clean-up project.

Safety Tip 2

Never walk in bare feet around broken glass. Put on closed toe shoes before starting any clean-up efforts involving glass.

Safety Tip 3

Do not pick up broken pieces of glass with bare hands. Put on heavy leather or safety gloves before handling glass pieces and try to sweep or vacuum up as much of the broken glass as possible without touching it.

Safety Tip 4

If a window breaks, make sure to check for broken glass inside the home, within the frame of the window and outside the window area on the ground.

Safety Tip 5

To clean up small particles of glass, use several thicknesses of wet paper towels and then discard safely. Cloth napkins, cloth towels, sponges or ordinary mops should NOT be used for clean up because they can harbor tiny glass particles.

Safety Tip 6

To dispose of glass, carefully put it in a durable container (such as a sturdy box or plastic container) and label “broken glass.” Do not put glass shards or pieces in plastic bags.

Safety Tip 7

If a window is broken, do not try to “knock out” remaining glass in the frame. Safely remove the loose and fallen pieces of glass and then contact a professional at Cairns Local Glass to repair or replace the window unit.

Safety Tip 8

Immediately post a warning sign and/or secure the area where there is broken glass until it can be successfully cleaned up.

Safety Tip 9

If your entire window glass is broken out, cover the window to help prevent additional accidents or inclement weather from coming into the home. Usually you can tape cardboard over the opening or heavy plastic as a temporary fix.

Safety Tip 10

If the glass in a window gets broken, do not replace the glass yourself. Some replacement safety glass types require special orders, sizing of glass is important to maintain weather and integrity, and Australian Standards must be adhered to. All glass should be installed by a professional that perfectly matches the original window to the Australian Standards.

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Cairns Local Glass - Who We Are
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We offer professional Glazier services that include emergency glass repair, security screens, window and door repairs, shower screens, kitchen splashbacks and commercial shop front glass. This enables us to do the job to the highest standard, fast.

Based in Cairns, we are your glass, glazing and aluminium specialists with over 30 years experience in glass and glazing services for domestic, commercial and industrial applications.

Valued client, this means when you use Cairns Local Glass you get a professional job, on time, at a value for money price, guaranteed!

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We are your Cairns glass specialists with experience in the local industry stretching back as far as 1975. We are the recognised professionals in all types of glass products including the niche services offered by out emergency glass repairs Cairns division. We also work with other specialised associated sideline services such as the design, manufacture and installation of security screens Cairns. When it comes to the bathroom we can help with custom made quality mirrors and fully customiseable shower screens Cairns. In your home kitchen we have had some great results with the design and installation of high quality splashbacks Cairns which will make any boring kitchen a centrepiece of a home.

Australian Standards Compliance
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The AS 1288 – 2006 Glass in Buildings – Australian Standard determines the minimum requirements for glass to be used in buildings throughout Australia. Our glaziers work to these standards when working with glass in commercial buildings.

Using these standards in installation helps building owners meet their legal obligations by providing a comprehensive survey service which inspects and documents every glazing element in the premises and enables any necessary upgrade work to be completed. This also allows future reactive glass repairs and replacement work to be completed quicker with minimal disruption.

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