Easy Glass Replacement

To the untrained person, watching an experienced Cairns Local Glass glazier make a scratch on a piece of glass and then have the glass drop into two pieces in his hands, is a bit like watching a magician. These experienced glaziers can casually run a line down a piece of glass, cut around into a long curve and with a quick flick of the wrist, have the glass drop into exactly the design required, safely and with no apparent effort at all.

You may ask, how  they do it?

The is part that Cairns Local Glass glaziers have the practice and knowledge, as does any good trades person or magician doing their amazing tricks. It does look easy, but glass replacement is best completed by a glazier. Call us on 1300 552 776 we can make glazing in Cairns and Far North Queensland less complicated for you.

To start you on the road to become a glazier, it is important that you first understand how it all works and give you enough information to enable you to be confident with glass.

It is fun and very satisfying to grab a piece of glass, run a cutter over it and have it break down the line just like you wanted it to.

Understanding Glass types

The subject of glass is quite extensive and it is an amazing substance, however we will just talk about the types that you are likely to come across in your project.

Annealed (Plate) Glass

Most glass is produced as “annealed” glass. Also known as “plate” glass, “sheet” glass and other local names. When glass is in this state, it breaks into large chunks and slivers with razor sharp edges.

Main uses are in residential windows, aquariums, shop fittings and some shop fronts, and is easily cut as we will demonstrate soon.

Laminated Glass

The first common treatment for annealed glass is to laminate it to another piece of the same thickness.

It is common to laminate that is, join together, 2 by 3mm pieces to get a thickness of 6.38mm (the extra .38 being the plastic interlayer).

The strength of this glass product is slightly less than the same thickness of a single thickness, but as it will not break into threatening pieces, it is considered a Grade A safety glass.


Brett is Cairns Local Glass Company Manager and Founder, has worked in manufacturing and installation of glass in Buildings for almost 30-years and brings this expert knowledge to your building, installation or design ideas.

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